As owners of Flo’s Collection, we started from very little capital but we had a lot of support from the communities around us. It was tough being so young and starting a business, but with the support of our communities, they helped us pull through all the hurdles that were in front of us. We decided that once we were financially stable, we would start giving back. We started giving back to the local schools in various ways; such as hosting fundraisers and sponsoring local sports teams. In 2015, we had our best year yet as a company and wanted to expand our reach to paying it forward. A great idea stemmed from one of our General Managers, Alex Garcia, to give back to people in need in our downtown area. We didn’t even have to discuss it, It was an immediate yes from Myself (Dan Uccello) and my brother/business partner, Davide Uccello. We called Mel Trotter and asked them if we could come down, they were thrilled of course! Within a few hours we made 100 pizzas.


We are continuing to help serve communities around us this year. It is very important to us that the culture of our company stays the same as we grow and that we give back to the communities that we are a part of. In our opinion, if you are going to do business in a community, you need to be a part of that community. We want to make it a tradition for many years to come.


Dan and Davide Uccello

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